ProFlex 4'x8' Indoor/Outdoor Portable aluminium stage Unit

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ProFlex 4'x8' Indoor/Outdoor Portable aluminium stage Unit

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ProFlex 4'x8' Indoor/Outdoor Portable aluminium stage Unit

The Modular Building Block of ProFlex aluminium stages...

This ProFlex 8'x4' Portable aluminium stage Unit includes everything you need to build a basic 8-foot by 4-foot stage as well as hardware for connecting multiple units together to create a larger stage. You can also add these units to an existing ProFlex stage system to increase the size of your ProFlex stage.

About ProFlex aluminium staging

One of the most innovative aluminium stage systems on the market today, ProFlex aluminium staging is a modular aluminium stage system composed of strong yet lightweight aluminium stages with a black textured vinyl surface finish, supported by removable aluminum legs.

Each ProFlex stage panel is supported by 6 removable, interchangeable legs - choose from fixed-height legs or telescopic legs, which make it possible to set the aluminium stage to a precise height or install over a slope or curb. Rubber feet on the bottom of the stage legs ensure stability.

Crafted with attention to detail in Poland, ProFlex Staging is manufactured to the highest quality specifications and is proud to have earned the TÜV certificate of quality. ProFlex Staging has a 2-year manufacturer warranty and a Standard Uniform Load Rating of 153 lbs per square foot.


Water-resistant for indoor or outdoor use

Modular for easy expansion or replacement of parts

Can be set up on flat ground or over slopes, hills or curbs

Supports dynamic loads such as dancing or jumping

Fixed-height and telescoping adjustable-height options

Made in Poland and TÜV-rated to comply with the highest international safety standards

Package Contents

1 - ProFlex 8'x4' aluminium stage Platform, Industrial Finish

6 - ProFlex Square Legs or QuickLock Round Legs (choose height)

2 - ProFlex Panel to Panel Stage Clamps

2 - ProFlex Self Leveling Panel Inserts

ProFlex Dual Stage Leg Clamps (included with 24" or taller square legs only)

6 - ProFlex 4' Leg Braces for Connecting Legs (included with 36" or taller leg only) ... russ.shtml

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