How to find a good Chinese aluminum roof truss supplier

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How to find a good Chinese aluminum roof truss supplier

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How to find a good Chinese aluminum roof truss supplier

As we all know, China is the world's factory, and its products are cheap and good quality. Therefore, choosing a good Chinese supplier can help your company get more profits. However, in China, which is thousands of miles away, how do you choose a good supplier from thousands of aluminum roof truss companies? Don't worry, let us who are in China give you some suggestions.

1. How to find aluminum roof truss suppliers?1). The Internet is the most convenient method.

A. Enter "aluminum roof truss suppier " or "aluminum roof truss factories in china" on Google, and Chinese suppliers will appear in the search results.

B. On B2B websites such as Alibaba and Made in China, you can directly enter the product keywords you want, and the search results can choose Chinese suppliers.

C. You can also search for Chinese suppliers on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, instagram, and linkedin.

D. If you can speak Chinese, enter keywords directly on, and the search result will be a local supplier in China.

Your keywords can be aluminum trusses, stage trusses, lighting trusses, truss suppliers, etc.

2). The exhibition is to learn more about suppliers in a short period of time. Of course, what you must attend is a professional exhibition.

Ask the exhibition organizer for the list of exhibitors and they will be more than happy to provide it.

2. How to ensure that the truss supplier is the one you want?Through the above methods, you should have obtained information from many suppliers. Are they your best choice? This is not necessarily true. There are many suppliers in China. What you know is only a part of it. Those that you don't know are not bad. If you find a supplier on the Internet, you can only say that the supplier is excellent in product promotion. This does not mean that the product is also excellent. So you need to check their website to see if they produce many different products, usually, manufacturers focus on certain products, because different products require different facilities, this will be a huge investment, and aluminum roof truss manufacturing usually Won't do this. You also need to check their certificate, production workshop, especially the production workshop, which is a sign of the strength of a supplier.

For example, Shizhan has a modern factory of 50,000 square meters and is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum alloy trusses in China. If you buy a lot of trusses, I think you need to go to the factory to check it out and compare them. ... l_29.shtml

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